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This site promotes my music created under the PennyWhistle Androids and BIll Wright, and also highlights independent artists based on my taste in music.  I hope that you enjoy and will return often.

The 2020 Christmas album is now available!
  'The Presence of Christmas' album has been released.
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Why the name PennyWhistle Androids ?

Pennywhistle Androids is NOT the name of a group. I chose it back in the early 90's to represent a series of explorations based on samplers and synths. It seemed like an appropriate name at the time because most of the music created back then was decidedly 'mechanical' in nature.

The advent and coming of age of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and advancement in software based instruments and effects now provide the lone composer with an outlet for complete musical projects without ever leaving the home studio. This provides the opportunity to create and share some very complete musical interpretations. Midi can never replace a room full of musicians blending their talents together for a common purpose. Yet, in it's current state and by using modern software, MIDI truly allows the exploration of the music that is inside us all.

Musical notes, as scripted on a page are static things; just like the gears, circuits, and other parts that make up an android (or someday will). To function properly both need inspiration, interpretation, a grasp of the proper tools, and some measure of good fortune to bring them to life.

I have been writing music since my college days which is now many moons ago. I have been involved in a couple of independent and college film scores, ad jingles, and general composing and arranging.

Who are your influences?

Mannheim Steamroller, Tangerine Dream, Christopher Franke, Patrick O'Hearn, David Arkenstone, romantic, impressionistic, and modern composers (Brahms, Debussy, Copeland)

Current creation software used in my studio
Cakewalk Sonar x3, Finale 2014, Goldwave

Current Sample based Tools

Sonivox multiple modules, Garritan Instant Orchesta, Active Keys, East West Quantam Gol Chiros and Silver Orchestra, Edirol Orchestral Module, Edirol Super Quartet, Cakewalk TTS-1, Session Drummer, sfzII (for original soundfonts I have created), Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer (for choral works).

Current Effects and production tools used

Wave Arts suite, Clone Ensemble 4.2, Waves L series tools, Waves TrueVerb


Everything is done in the various creation tools and then pulled into Sonar for mix down, final instrumentation, and application of effects.


Click the small speaker icon on each track to load into the player
1. Desert Call
2. Dreams of Home
3. Violons de l'automne

'Desert Call is the title track from this album, inspired by the Colorado mountains.

'Dreams of Home (Kaity's Song) is a number I wrote for my lovely wife wife of many many years.

'Violons de l'automne is inspired by Paul Verlaine's poem'Chanson d'automne'.

1. Aurora
2. Baroque Boogie
3. Portal to M17

'Aurora' is a more electronic based tune.

'Baroque Boogie' is a novelty number for brass quartet - baroque meets boogie-woogie.

'Portal to M17' Electronic space themed tune - a bit of percussion.

1. The Raining Calm
2. Epochs
3. Gentle Days

1. The Raining Calm is a New Age piano piece backed by nature sounds.

2. Epochs is a piano piece based partly on 20th century harmonies.

3. Gentle Days is a simple poino piece to reflect on the quiet times.

1. Journey to Mannheim
2. Seven Quarters
3. The Tall Ships

'1. Journey to Mannheim' is a variation on one of the prevailing themes that Chip Davis has wound through many of the Mannheim Steamroller pieces.

'2 Seven Quarters' Just a fun piece in 7/4 time featuring wood flute.

'3. The Tall SHips' was inspired by the Chicago passing of the tall ships in 1976

1. Slow Mornin'
2. Irish Love
3. Walkin' the Line

1. Slow Mornin' is a lazy number based on a quiet morning. a touch of Jazz and Easy Listening.

2. Irish Love is a slow waltz with an 18th cetury romantic feel

3. Walkin' the Line is a nod back to the early Jazz Rock bands of the early 70's with some synth thrown in

1. Morning Dew
2. Promise Me
3. Across the Battlefield

1. Morning Dew is a gentle orchestral ballad with flute solo.

2. Promise Me is my orchestral arangement of a piano piece by Shannon Jannsen (hear the original in the other artists section).

3. Across the Battlefield is an orchestral number of an officer surveying a battlefield the morning after a skirmish.

1. On This Day (Solo)
2. On This Day (full)
3. In Your Praise

1. and 2. On This Day is a traditional wedding son. Track 1 is solo voice (all digital). Track 2 is a more complete arrangement mixing a real voice and digital.
3. 'In Your Praise' is a contemporary SATB choral anthem dedicated to the tiny choir at Highlands Preysbyterian Church in Grayson, Georgia.

1. Silent Night
2. Gesu Bambino

Two Renditions of classic Christmas carols from my just released) 'The Christmas Presence' album.


Click the small speaker icon on each track to load into the player
Death of a Friend

A beautifully arranged and performed piect that highlights Loren's stylings.
Check out his full site here.
You can also find more of his tracks here.

1. La Famiglia Neo
2. The Oak and the Loch

Bonamici (a/k/a/ Christian Thordin) is a favorite independent artist of mine.
'La Famiglia Neo' is a great example of full orchestration for samplers.
'The Oak and ther Loch' has a Celtic feel and paints a beautiful audio scene, with lot's of attention to detail.

Check out his Soundclick tracks here

1. My Jesus I Love Thee
2. Turn your Eyes

Greg Howlett is a pianist and an instructor near my neck of the woods (about 20 miles). His focus is Christian music and he brings subtleties as well as capturing the breadth of an orchestra without going overboard in a 'Dino' manner. The tracks, 'Turn Your Eyes', and 'My Jesus I Love Thee' are exceprts from 'Reflections on a Journey' available on his site.
Check out his site and blog here:

Promise Me

This exceprt is from a beautiful piano piece by Shannon Jannsen. I reviewed her music in days-gone-by on 'God's of Music' and loved this number so much that I did an orchestral arangement (see PWA Tracks).
Shannon's site is found here

1. Heartstings
2. Prayer at the Summit

R. Kane is an interesting artist - playfully using differnt styles and teasing with the rhythms in both tracks, 'Prayer at the Summit', and 'Heartstrings'
His link can be found here

River of Life

Marcome' is a Canadian singer songwriter. She composes, produces and engineers all of her music. She calls it 'New World Music. '
Her tunes are a fun blend of Enya-like stylings mixed with (for those of you old enough to remember) Brasil '66.
Visit her excelent site here

1. A twist of Lime
1. Baroque Concertino

David has some very cool arrangments for classical pieces, and he sounds well schooled in form and counterpoint. I think you will like both of these tracks.
You can here more of his tracks here.
and over here.

Thoughts of Tomorrow

Bill Blanchard has very eclectic taste in the music he writes and crosses many genres.
I had reviewed a number of his pieces back on the now defunct 'God's of Music' site.
'Thoughts of Tomorrow' is a great example of a New Age / World piece.

Check out his Soundclick tracks here

1. Irish Day
2. That's about it

Soniclust a/k/a Bill Cornwell makes excelent use of the built in features of synths to create picturesque soundsapes.
These two tracks, 'Irish Day' and 'That's about it' from the album 'M-Mix Collection' show how this works.
His website is here

1. Airglow
2. Red Giant

Stellardrone is a pseudonym of amateur composer Edgaras Vilnius. Hestarted creating music in 2007 using computer software and virtual synthesizers.
The ambient space feel makes for good late-night headphone listening.

These two tracks, 'Red GIant' and 'Airglow' from the album 'Light Years' are very representative of his work.
His albums and tracks can be found here

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