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PennyWhistle Androids

All of these tracks are from various albums and projects that I have been involved in.  A few have interesting stories behind them.

"Desert Call"
This song was inspired by a scouting jamboree trip in my youth.  The breathtaking views and smells of the Colorado mountains and the expanse of the Colorado Desert (part of the Sonoran Desert) were a revelation for me as a Chicago city boy.

"The Tall Ships"
Back in 1976 (if I remember correctly) there was a big fanfare about a number of tall ships - multi-masted beasts from days gone by.
Back in Chicago we were fortunate to have these paraded by our Lake Michigan shores.  It was another event that left a lasting impression.

"Dreams of Home (Kaity's Song)"
I wrote this song to my lovely wife back in the early '90's

"Baroque Boogie"
This brass quartet was just my blendiung classical and jazz genres to see what could be done.  The result was this nice little piece.

'Violons de l'automne"
inspired by Paul Verlaine's poem'Chanson d'automne'.

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