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PennyWhistle Androids

About PennyWhistle Androids

Pennywhistle Androids is NOT the name of a group. It was chosen to represent a series of explorations based on samplers and synths. It seemed like an appropriate name at the time (1990) because most of the electronic music created back then was decidedly 'mechanical' in nature.  

The coming of age of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and advancement in software based instruments,  effects, and digital audio workstations (DAWS)  now provide the lone composer with an outlet for complete musical projects without ever leaving the home studio. This provides the opportunity to create and share some very complete musical interpretations. Midi can never replace a room full of musicians blending their talents together for a common purpose. Yet MIDI, in it's current state,  allows the exploration of the music that is inside us as composers. 

Scripted on a page, musical notes are static things; just like the gears, circuits, and other parts that may someday soon make up an android. To function properly both need inspiration, interpretation, a grasp of the proper tools, and some measure of good fortune to bring them to life. 

About PWA Music

PWA music was founded to be a source of giving small, low budget independent films the opportunity to have complete orchestral or contemporary scores at reasonable rates for the filmmaker.  We can compose and sync complete flm scores, opening / closing credits, and background atmosphere for your productiions, corporate films, and promotional videos.